Product Information:

The Vegetarian Network Victoria has an excellent list of vegetarian and vegan products that is available in Victoria. Many of these are also availalbe in Tasmania. The listing includes a photo of the product, a description, and states whether the product is vegetarian or vegan. Rather than replace something that is done so well (we couldn't do it any better!) please go to the Great Vegetarian and Vegan Food Products section on their website.

There are, however, some products that are made in Tasmania (photos coming soon):

Tofu - Earnest Bean produce a number of organic tofu products, handmade in Geeveston, Tasmania. Their plain tofu is perfect for marinating, they also make a smoked tofu and an olive and tofu dip. 6297 1293, Email


Summer Kitchen make a number of vegetarian and vegan pies. The Madras Curry and Lentil & Potato (the latter only available at Salamanca market) are vegan. The also make traditional sourdough breads. The pies (in family and individual sizes) and breads are available at various locations around Southern Tasmania.

All Good Pies have no gluten, yeast or animal products. They are available from City Organics in Hobart.

We will be adding to this page over time. Have a product to suggest? Please let us know.



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