Our Publications:

Vegetarian Tasmania is a relatively new organisation, and as such has a small range of publications at present. Over time we will build on what we offer. In the meantime, if you can't find what you are looking for, ask us a question, or go to our links page where you will find links to lots of very informative websites.

All publications here are in PDF.

Vegetarian Tasmania Flyer - this simple flyer introduces Vegetarian Tasmania and has a form to fill in to be included on our supporters list. Print it off and give it to family, friends or work colleagues whom you think may be interested.

Keep Me Off Your Plate - why eating wildlife is not the answer to environmental problems caused by cattle and sheep.

Foodprint Flyer - a flyer that shows the difference between the ecological footprint of a meateater and that of a vegetarian, with the visual comparison of footprint. Same as the poster (below), but B5 with useful website links on the back.

Foodprint Poster - A4 poster using the visual images of footprints to show the difference between the ecological footprint of a meat eater and that of vegetarian.

Climate Change and Your Diet - An A4 double-sided essay on the links between the modern western meat based diet and climate change. Updated July 2013.

Where to Eat and Where to Shop - guides on vegetarian and vegan friendly places to eat and shop in Tasmania. Updated Sept 2013.



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