Vegetarian Pets:

Some people choose to feed their pets a vegetarian diet, or reduce their intake of animal products. For an excellent article and information on why someone may choose to feed their dog (or even their cat) a vegetarian diet, and how to do it properly, visit the website of Vegetarian Network Victoria.

There are specific vegetarian products available for dogs and cats:

Veganpet - nutritionally balanced vegan dog and cat biscuits, and 'woofers' fresh-baked dog treats. Available by mail order.

Biopet - nutritionally balanced vegan dog biscuits, also makers of vegan dog bones. Available by mail order.

Greenpet Essentials - natural food supplement for dogs and cats. They also sell a book called 'Vegetarian Dogs'.

Most of the above products are avalable via the Cruelty Free Shop

NTP Health Products - The Missing Link super food supplement for cats and dogs.

Coco's Eco-Friendly Treats - vegan dog treats via mail order


Try making your own food for your companion animals.

When feeding your dog a vegetarian diet, it is recommended that you also include some commercial vegetarian products developed specifically for dogs so that you ensure their diet is balanced.

Vegetarian Stew Dog Food Recipe

Lentils (red or brown), dried beans or split peas, teamed with rice or pasta, some flavouring such as Massell 'chicken' or 'beef' stock (all vegetarian) or vegetarian gravy, with a range of vegetables - potato, carrot, broccoli, cabbage, swede, celery etc. Cook it all up in one big pot to make a yummy stew. A suggested mix is 3 cups of lentils to 1 cup of rice, and lots of vegies to give a good balance of protein, carbohydrates and other vitamins.

Experiment with the flavour - some dogs may even like a bit of curry powder or tomato paste in their stew. Vary the flavour and the base (legume type) and mix of vegetables for interest and variety.

Make up a big batch so that you only need to cook every few days. Bigger batches can be frozen in meal size portions and thawed as needed.


Organic Pet Digest has a range of vegetarian dog food recipes for you to try.



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