What We Do:

Welcome to Vegetarian Tasmania.

This group has been set up to help establish a support network for all vegetarians and vegans in Tasmania, at any stage of their journey. We aim to promote, in particular, the health and environmental benefits of vegetarianism, not forgetting our non-human friends.

The group was established in May 2008 by a group of vegetarians and vegans, and our number of supporters has continued to grow steadily. We now have over 140 people on our supporters list.

We aim to hold an event of some kind every month. Sometimes it is a picnic, sometimes a dinner at a restaurant, and sometimes a catered function with a guest speaker. We also have stalls at relevant events which is valuable both as a public education tool, and in making contact with vegetarians and vegans and those interested in becoming vegetarian or vegan.

Our experienced committee members are also available to provide support and answer questions. So please feel free to contact us at any time. New energy and ideas always welcome.

At this stage Vegetarian Tasmania is not incorporated and we have no membership fee.




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